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EXIT’s Unique Formula!

Whether you’re a rookie or veteran real estate agent, EXIT Realty offers the training, technology, and unlimited income potential to boost your career.

EXIT Realty’s unique Formula of single-level residuals provides financial freedom for now and in the future.

  • Amazing Commission Splits
  • Earn Potentially More than 100%
  • Stabilized Cash Flow
  • New Income Streams without More Work
  • No Desk Fees
  • Bonus Residuals Year after Year
  • Incredible Retirement Residuals
  • Beneficiary Residuals to Your Loved Ones
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Why The Name EXIT?
EXIT is illuminated above every corporate door in North America! Millions and millions EXIT signs point the way - you see the word EXIT every place you go. Think about it...EXIT is the most advertised name in the world. EXIT signs must be illuminated by law. The word EXIT suggests "Safe Passage". EXIT signs are always strategically located. EXIT has a tremendous subliminal.

Call or text Billy Joe Today at 270-312-5168 to discuss your EXIT Opportunity
EXIT Realty Crutcher
EXIT Technology
EXIT Agents have the Edge with EXIT E-LISTINGS!

EXIT associates have powerful property marketing and promotion tools at their fingertips. Properties marketed using EXIT e-Listings get the highest possible visibility on the internet through cutting-edge technology and marketing tools available.

EXIT's e-Listings

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Exit Realty Crutcher Technology
EXIT Training
Becoming a part of EXIT Realty means joining the on-going commitment to create the most highly trained and skilled professionals in real estate.

Our sales training is taught by some of the industry's leading top producers, and is among some of the most comprehensive coaching you'll ever receive. Designed to remove and eliminate the inhibitions and anxieties that have rendered so many salespeople average, EXIT's training programs range from topics such as initiation, finalization, negotiation, personality profiles and strategic planning. No matter what your real estate career level, there's a training perfectly suited to your needs.

When you join EXIT, you're making it your business to get the finest and best return on your invested time.

Samples of Our Training

EXIT Realty’s Training in Negotiation Skills

EXIT Realty’s MIND-SET Training and Coaching

We at EXIT Realty Crutcher also offer classroom and hands-on training 5 day per week.
Click Here to view our Training Schedule.

Call or text Billy Joe Today at 270-312-5168 for an in-depth look at the EXIT Opportunity!

EXIT Realty Crutcher Training
EXIT Testimonials
David Watt, a veteran EXIT Realty agent, explains how he has taken advantage of all of EXIT’s tools to be successful.

Kathy Dooley, explains how an EXIT Franchise achieves success by focusing on the success of its agents in five ways.

Nick Libert, a Broker/Owner from Chicago, describes how the EXIT Formula is unlike anything he has ever seen in the real estate industry.

Franchisee, Kris Klair, explains how EXIT Realty’s Formula of single level residuals benefits an agent’s family.

Franchisee, Joanne DeFrisco, explains what sets EXIT Realty’s culture apart from the competition.
EXIT Realty Crutcher Testimonials
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Looking for more information about EXIT Realty’s incredible commissions, unbelievable retirement residuals, bonus residuals, or superb training programs?

Call or text Billy Joe for an in-depth look at the EXIT Opportunity and all it has to offer.
EXIT Realty Crutcher is GROWING
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EXIT Realty Crutcher - More Info

So you see that EXIT Realty Crutcher is Growing at an astonishing rate, so you want in on the action ASAP to start building your extra stream of income and retirement residuals.

Team Up with Billy Joe Today so he can personally help you build your bonus and retirement residuals.
EXIT Realty Crutcher is GROWING
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Join EXIT Realty Crutcher
About Billy Joe of EXIT Realty Crutcher
Prior to becoming a real estate agent 5 years ago, since 1990 Billy Joe worked as a National Sales Trainer and Recruiter for a top 10 Fortune 500 Company.

With Billy Joe’s 20 plus years of sales and recruitment experience, Billy Joe and EXIT Realty Crutcher would personally like to help you take your Real Estate Business to the next level while building your Bonus Residuals and Retirement Residuals.

EXIT Realty Crutcher is Growing. Call Billy Joe TODAY @ 270-312-5168 to see why so many are agents making their EXIT to EXIT.
Q: I am a seasoned agent and I want to start building my retirement residuals at EXIT, but I currently have listings with the company I am with now. I don’t want to lose them, what can i do?

A: I understand how you feel, most of the agents that have made their move to EXIT had listings with other brokerages too, but what they found out was that most reputable brokerages released their listings. Even for the very few select brokers that won’t release listings, we have several options that you will be please with. Call me today so we can meet and go over in detail about this or any other concerns you may have.

Q: I am a seasoned agent and I want to make my move to EXIT, but I have pendings and I don’t want to lose my commission.

A: I don’t want you to lose your hard earned commission either. There are several ways to handle your pendings to protect that hard earned commission. Call me today so we can meet and go over in detail about your pendings or any other concerns that you may have.

Q: I am a new agent and interviewing with several companies. To my surprise, several large brokers in the area charge huge desk fees up to $1200 per month. For me, that’s a lot of money to pay out every month especially if I don’t make a sale that month. Does EXIT charge Desk Fees?

A: EXIT understands your concern about high Desk Fees. That’s why EXIT will never charge you a Desk Fee.

Q: The Company I am with now charges a huge percentage off the top of my commission to be paid to the Franchise and National Advertising Budget before the split. How much off the top does EXIT charge?

A: I really feel you one this one. Before my move to EXIT about 2 years ago, I worked for one of those companies you are talking about. To personably break it down without naming the company, they charged me 8% off the top. That soon added up to Thousands of Dollars each month in lost commission. Call me today so we can go over the EXIT Formula in detail. You will be glad you did.

Q: I am a fairly new agent of less than a year. My biggest concern when I started was training. All of the companies I had interviewed with said they had the best training. Well one year later and with me trying 2 separate Big Brand Companies, I have yet to see any training other than them telling me to go watch some videos. I am really disappointed. What type of training do you offer?

A: I understand completely. When I started out 5 years ago with one of those big name brokerages, I found the same to be true and was also disappointed. Great training is a must if a new agent is to make it in this business. At EXIT, we have those videos as well and there is a place for training videos, but I prefer classroom and hands-on training and we have them all. Take a look at our training calendar.

Q: I am a new agent and my biggest fear is getting started. What can you and your company do to help me get started?

A: We all have been there and know how you feel. Training and getting Listings will help get you started in the right direction. Listings are King and if you have listings in your portfolio, they will provide you with both buyer leads and seller leads. So the best thing you can do getting started is to obtain listings. Give me a call today @ 270-312-5168 so we can discuss the EXIT Opportunity. And when you decide to Join EXIT, I will personally help you obtain a couple of listings that we can co-list together so that I can help you off to a great start. But I won’t stop there, I will then personally teach you a system so that you may obtain all the listings that you can handle and more.

Billy Joe - Recruiter and Trainer for EXIT Realty Crutcher
Email: billy@exitrealrtycrutcher.careers

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